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Glasses Tutorials
Tutorial 4:
Choosing the Right Size Glasses and Lens Width ?

In this video tutorial, optician Phil shows you how to choose the right glasses size and lens width.

Choosing the Right Size Glasses and Lens Width

How do I order glasses in the right size online? What kind of glasses size fits me anyway? If you have lots of questions, don’t worry. Here are the answers that make all the difference when buying glasses from an online shop. First of all, stand in front of a mirror wearing a pair of glasses you already have and check how the glasses temples (arms) are aligned. If the temples are straight or very slightly angled outwards, then the glasses are just the right size for your face and you should buy your next pair of glasses in the same size. However, if the arms are very angled outwards it’s not ideal, because this means the frame is too small for you. If, on the other hand, the arms almost collapse backwards to fit behind your ears, the frame is too big for you. If the glasses you already have are the right size, you can easily measure the lens from the rim in the centre of the glasses to the rim on the outside. Be careful not to take the measurement diagonally, at an angle or in any other way, but simply hold the ruler horizontally and determine the so-called lens width. You can use this measurement as a guide for all the brands of glasses offered in our shop. Whether it’s a Ray-Ban size or an Oakley size doesn’t matter. If you don't have a pair of glasses that fits or a friend who can lend you their frame, don't worry, just ask Edel-Optics. You can order four or five different models or the same frame in different sizes without prescription lenses and then return them free of charge within 30 days. Once you have found the right size, you can send them back and have your prescription lenses fitted. Alternatively, you can also try the glasses on online. With our 3D Virtual Mirror, you can try on a wide range of models. Either upload a photo of yourself and then the glasses will be placed on your face in 2D format or turn on your webcam for a 3D fitting. This way, you can easily find your perfect frame in our huge range of brand-name glasses, with or without virtual glasses fitting. Guaranteed! Best of all, we recommend checking out the video below, where our Master of Glasses demonstrates how to measure your glasses and choose the right glasses size.
In this video tutorial, optician Phil shows you how to choose the right glasses size and lens width.

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