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## Buy Gloryfy Sunglasses Online

Unbreakable Sunglasses

Made in Germany has always been a guarantee for quality and durability. But in this case the sunglasses, which proudly bear the attribute "unbreakable", are made in Austria. Strictly speaking, the unbreakable sunglasses of the Gloryfy Unbreakable brand are developed, produced and tested in the Tyrolean Zillertal. In the midst of the Alps, eyewear and sunglasses are produced that revolutionise the world of optics from Austria.

The special thing about Gloryfy glasses is their elasticity, because all models are completely flexible. In practice this means that you can bend and twist the Unbreakable Glasses and sunglasses as you like. Thanks to Gloryfy’s own special plastic NBFX material, which has a memory function, the Unbreakable Eyewear sunglasses always return to their original shape. This unbreakable NBFX (Non Breaking Flex Polymer) makes Gloryfy sunglasses the perfect companion for all those looking for action in the sun. Sports sunglasses with such a shatterproof material offer the advantage of avoiding injuries. The technology even makes it possible to drive safely, because no exploding airbags with their extreme force will cause parts of the Gloryfy Unbreakable Sunglasses to break or the lens to shatter. What's more, NBFX lenses are not only break-resistant, but also offer high optical clarity thanks to Contour Lens Technology. The reason for this is the high Abbe number, which determines how much their refractive index changes with the wavelength of light. This is higher for NBFX compared to polycarbonate lenses, for example.

As a result, unbreakable sunglasses are popular with those who play sports in difficult viewing conditions. Of course, the brand's sunglasses models also offer full UV protection and in many cases also polarised lenses. Gloryfy even works with a whole team of athletes who appreciate the properties of Gloryfy Unbreakable Sports Glasses. The World of Gloryfy is made up of the brand’s own Ambassadors, Celebrities and Heroes, the latter of which are the most likely to wear sports models such as the Gloryfy G3, Gloryfy G11 or G9. Their designs are equally popular with road cyclists, wakeboarders, sport climbers and other Gloryfy sportspeople.

But which Gloryfy sunglasses suit me?

If you're not sure which models would suit you best, you can here get an idea of what shape frame is suited to your face shape. You can try on the various frames of Gloryfy Eyewear virtually by using your webcam or uploading a saved image. You can easily check out most of the different frame types. As far as the shapes are concerned, you can also use the filter on the left to narrow down your search. Proven designs such as rectangle sunglasses or round sunglasses are usually permanently in stock. Once you have received your sunglasses, you will certainly find valuable tips and advice in our Blog on topics such as: "Are Gloryfy sunglasses really unbreakable?" or "What are the Gloryfy frames made of?” Our "Master of Glasses" also has a lot of tips on points such as "Frames repair" or "adjustment" in his repertoire.

Once you have browsed through our extensive selection and decided what shape and colour your dream glasses should have, you can order your sunglasses online at a low prices. If, contrary to expectations, you do not like them because of the material or colour, you can return them within the 30 days. Only individually manufactured lenses with prescription cannot be refunded, unless there are technical defects.

Our Services

If you have any questions during the purchase of glasses, such as "the right Gloryfy sunglasses size", you can always contact us. We are always at your side with our concentrated expertise in sunglasses and optical glasses, whether in the digital or analogue world. Feel free to contact us to get professional and individual advice or to inquire about Gloryfy spare parts. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service by telephone via our local telephone number, with your e-mail address to the support or via our social media channels and we will be happy to help you. In addition, free delivery, free return shipment with money-back guarantee and the various payment methods make your shopping with us easier.

About Us

If you would like to buy Gloryfy sunglasses online at a low price, you have come to the right place. In our ** Online Shop** you will find a wide range of Gloryfy sunglasses for women and men**, all delivered with lens cleaning cloth and case included in the price. It goes without saying, each pair of glasses is a real and brand new original. Used products and Gloryfy copies with names like "Glorify" or "Glorifi" have no place in our warehouse either. As eyewear specialists for fashion-conscious customers, we even offer polarised sunglasses at top value-for-money prices, with our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Also ** reduced Sunglasses** of other brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley as well as products from our own Sunglasses Sale are available for a unique price.