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Boss Orange Sunglasses



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Boss Orange Sunglasses

From Metzingen into the World

„And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can so I can
See the light that's right before my eyes“,

sings Corey Hart in a electro pop-classic “sunglasses at night”, this way unknowingly creating a praising hymn for a brand, that has convinced sunglasses lovers of its lightening powers ever since the first model.

A little bit of Savoir Vivre, a little bit of Zeitgeist and a lot of sporty trendiness transports BOSS Orange from Baden-Württemberg to big cities and metropolises of the globe.

Urbanity, coolness and easiness are the defining characteristics of sunglasses from BOSS Orange, which became visible for the first time in 2011 with their own interpretation of lifestyle and sunshine. But they didn’t just appear to disappear – they left a pretty memorable impression straight away. They did that by deciding not to follow the typical route, inspiring everyone to break out of the routine, but rather celebrated the routine excessively. I mean with the claim „Bless the boring. See it funky!“ there is no need for an explanation.

At the core of this motto is inspiration and longing for new designs – and that is exactly what drives the makers of sunglasses from BOSS Orange – again again and again to their absolute success.

The inspiration for such trademark interpretations of BOSS Orange sunglasses comes directly from the creative impulses of the world cities like Rome or nostalgic, extravagant and dynamic rural areas, like for example Cote d’Azur. The result can be found in the Boss sunglasses collection in the form of vivid and strong colours and that certain flair, making the quality of BOSS Orange sunglasses certain and thrilling. Additionally, the concise details allow the wearer to create their own look of individuality, that often means a possibility to create a distinctive and unconventional look. Friends of BOSS Orange sunglasses like to call it the „orange state of mind“.


The first time the traditional German company of Hugo Ferdinand Boss, who founded it in 1924 in Baden-Württemberg „metropolis“ Metzingen, got real attention and respect of the industry was straight after the World War II due to the upper-class and stylish Hugo Boss Suits.

But the label laid the cornerstone for their extraordinary success first under command of Boss’s son-in-law Eugen Holy. Starting in 1948, he drove this fashion house into a new era, which on the turn of the millennium positioned Brand BOSS on the Mount Rushmore of the fashion world, where the BOSS Brand is still sitting.

The deciding factor for the ascent of the BOSS Brand was the perfection in the domain of standardised production, as a result of which the company could concentrate on establishing themselves in the fashion universe in the 1960s and the following decades – the times, when the suits were defined by narrow shoulders and single-breasted blazers always had two buttons.

Not only on the runway was the brand working really hard on embedding BOSS brand image into the minds of consumers. That and fashionable designs helped them develop from an insider tip to a heavyweight in the industry. Selectively picked sponsoring in Motorsport, as well as Golf and Sailing in later stages, as well as projects with „Save The Children“ not only positioned the brand in the center of attention, but clearly showed that they were here to stay. Even today, this German brand acts as an established powerhouse, making sure their IPO on the Frankfurter DAX in 1985 wasn’t the last success in the history of the brand.

1985 also marks a time, when Hugo Boss started to make their first steps towards the glasses market. In 1989 they received the licensing for glasses, which naturally involved allowance for production of Hugo Boss sunglasses.

Globally, BOSS operates on the same level as other fashion brand establishments, like Tom Ford, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Versace. BOSS Products are sold in more than 1100 own stores in all important metropolises of the world, divided into 4 in-house fashion lines: BOSS, BOSS Green and Hugo, which represent different facets of the company in their purest form and attract different target audiences.

But after the company was bought by the financial investor Permira and Werner Baldessarini in 1998 became the chairman of the board of directors at Hugo Boss Inc, a decision was made to take things a step further by introducing BOSS ORANGE as an expansion into the sportswear sector. In this sector, the designs for leisure fashion and sports clothing have left clear footprints over the last 20 years. Originally limited to the men’s world, the designers started to include sportiness in the sketches and designs for women and children, as a result of which BOSS with the launch of BOSS Orange Line have occupied their fair share of fashion Olympus in business, evening and leisure styles.

This high quality expectation is obviously also reflected in the BOSS Orange sunglasses. Original BOSS Orange sunglasses differ significantly from BOSS Orange sunglasses imitations, that can be found everywhere in the world. The real BOSS sunglasses captivate through the workmanship and even a quick look leaves no doubts to understanding, what separates an original BOSS from fake BOSS sunglasses. Firstly, the lettering „BOSS ORANGE“ on the outer side, as well as „BOSS ORANGE“ letter on the inner side, directly next to CE – an acronym for the highest European manufacturing standard. Secondly, the BOSS ORANGE sunglasses case, as well as BOSS ORANGE sunglasses wipe, that round off the complete BOSS Orange Package, which is part of every pair of glasses sold without any exceptions.

BOSS Orange sunglasses are exactly the right thing for the beautiful folk

It is exactly this package in combination with distinctive style of the brand and in-house interpretation of lifestyle and sportiness, that wins celebrities from different prospects of public life over by the dozen.

Golf professional Martin Kaymer has been the brand ambassador of the label for a considerable time now, whilst Hollywood-Stars like Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody, Gabrielle Union or Sienna Miller can be seen as big fans of the label. The BOSS Orange sunglasses BO 0197/S and the BOSS Orange BO 0133/S impress by their straightforward full-rim frames in a bit of a square look. The glass-looking plastic frames of these BOSS ORANGE sunglasses for men leave no wishes in aspects of material handling as well as comfort during wearing.

BOSS Orange sunglasses unisex spectacles - BOSS Orange BO 0178/S and BOSS Orange BO 0128/S - are also on this bandwagon. Both models made out of synthetic materials are actually a prime example for the incomparable charm and unique style, that the brand has committed to. And that without sacrificing any UV400-Protection.

Similarly the rectangle BOSS Orange sunglasses are more than just showpieces, that excite the customers every time as if they were completely new. Examples of those are BOSS Orange BO 0320/S, BOSS Orange BO 0163/S or BOSS Orange BO 0148/S, that all belong to BOSS Orange sunglasses for men collection and emit the same self-confidence, as the brand is bringing in all of its collections across all products since day one.

Are these synthetic material frames not right up your alley? The brand, of course, also offers BOSS Orange sunglasses with metal frames like the BOSS Orange BO 0107/S or the BOSS Orange BO 0244/S. Two absolute optical head turners, that leave no doubt that the company with their fantastic design never need to hide from anyone in the business, and show that BOSS always bring the famous BOSS Orange sunglasses quality in every pair.

BOSS Orange BO 0326/S shows that the German company doesn’t need to be asked twice, as they know that round BOSS Orange sunglasses belong to absolute bestsellers. Whilst the unisex model sits perfectly on the nose of both genders, BOSS Orange BO 0195/S are made just for the ladies. The graceful and feminine form has now become the epitome for round BOSS Orange sunglasses, and should be a good option for power women, along with BOSS Orange sunglasses butterfly or the exclusive full-frame version BOSS Orange BO 0310/S.

The style of the sunglasses from BOSS Orange

The BOSS Orange sunglasses collections are aimed at consumers, who have an easy-going and unrestricted lifestyle, prefer high-value materials, strong colours, as well as original details. Unmistakable BOSS Orange sunglasses quality together with urban flair and first-class workmanship form true works of art, that allow enough space for individuality and spontaneity.

Influences of the post-vintage-designs can be seen in the ultra-cool college-look. Here Boss Orange sunglasses oversize models like the BOSS Orange sunglasses BO 0253/S (BO-0253-S-Q80-BN-by-Boss-Orange.html) shine especially bright. The exclusive touch can be felt in the innovative multi-colour acetate-versions, that were inspired by the denim-collection of the brand. The result: an exceptional touch of Orange.

Which Glasses fit me best?

If you are looking for a pair of BOSS Orange sunglasses, you have found the right place, because we have a wide choice of BOSS Orange sunglasses. For example, what do you think of BOSS Orange sunglasses Aviator Style (BOSS Orange BO 0331/S) with toned lenses in grey (BOSS Orange BO 0331) or the round BOSS Orange sunglasses (BOSS Orange BO 0226/S), that portray a special fashionista look.

Unlike other glasses brands, BOSS Orange models attract with their fashionable colors. From the BOSS Orange sunglasses grey (BOSS Orange BO 0236/S) till the BOSS sunglasses red (BOSS Orange BO 0300/S) up to BOSS Orange sunglasses gold (BOSS Orange BO 0330/S) and the BOSS Orange sunglasses blue (BOSS Orange BO 0336/S)) – there is a right model for everyone in the BOSS Orange sunglasses catalogue.

Naturally we have green BOSS Orange sunglasses (BOSS Orange BO 0297/S), white BOSS Orange sunglasses (BOSS sunglasses BO 0311/S / BO-0311-S-80S-9O-by-Boss-Orange.html), silver BOSS Orange sunglasses (BOSS Orange BO 0245/S) and even the black BOSS Orange sunglasses (BOSS Orange BO 0305/S) in our huge BOSS Orange sunglasses selection.

And to find the right BOSS Orange pair just for you, we offer the online fitting-room, where you can place each model on your nose. If you still haven’t find the dream model, we are sure our blog can help you come closer to your goal. If you are looking for BOSS Orange sunglasses repairs, our Master of Glasses can always help you and give his qualified input.

Once you already made a choice, the digital optician can help you with the prescription BOSS Orange sunglasses, as well as with the search for the right lenses. Which design and which colour lenses, as well as if you want mirrored BOSS Orange sunglasses, polarized BOSS Orange sunglasses or photochromic BOSS Orange sunglasses – it is completely up tp you! In the end of the day, the old wisdom is still valid during the purchase of sunglasses: every man is the architect of his own fortune.

If you have chosen your favourite model, you can order BOSS Orange Sunglasses online cheap directly from our website. Additionally, the purchased model can be sent back free of charge, in case you change your mind. It is only the individually-made lenses for prescription BOSS Orange sunglasses that cannot be refunded, unless it is due to a technical defect. If you still have any questions, you can always call our customer support hotline using the local telephone number or speak directly to our staff in our two Hamburg stores.

Our Service

If you have any questions during the purchase of your glasses, you can speak to us directly at any time. We are always there for you – online or offline and thanks to our collective expertise are always to help. Our expertise knows no borders!

Alternatively, you can just pop by in one of our two Hamburger shops – either in AEZ or in Ottenser Hauptstraße and we will take time to advise you professionally and individually. Additionally, services such as standard and express delivery, as well as free returns and various payment methods are made available for your purchase. This way, we hope that shopping with us is easy and has potential to become a real visual pleasure!

About us

When you are looking to buy BOSS Orange sunglasses cheap online, you are right here. We are not an exclusive BOSS Orange sunglasses online store, but have all famous brands in our portfolio. For example blockbusters, like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana as well as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Céline or Polaroid … and all that sold by a recommended retail price.

Additionally to our already low prices, you can find in the sale-section of our online shop not only Boss sunglasses sale, but also discounts on further models, that go across the whole product range.

As glasses specialists for modern and fashion-interested customers, under our motto “SEE AND BE SEEN”, we offer only premium-quality models for absolutely bargain prices. Reduced Boss sunglasses can also be found here. That easy! Look online or visit the stores to see our endless collection of glasses in the Edel-Optics world. And in the shops on the ground, we guarantee you will still see everything by using our unique shopping system on our iPads for easy access.