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Buying Sunglasses Online

Edel-Optics: THE Online Shop for Brand and Designer Sunglasses

SEE AND BE SEEN: sunglasses are and will always remain a way of life!

“We don’t just shine, we illuminate the whole show.” - Jay-Z

Edel-Optics is all about living your best life in style and comfort. And we believe this would be impossible without sunglasses. All the superstars, whether it’s Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, are rarely seen in public without a pair of shades.

Perhaps you fancy a touch of luxury or just want to protect your eyes from UV rays? If you’re looking to buy sunglasses online, then you've come to the right place! Because when it comes to your most important accessory for the summer, we have all the newest and trendiest models. In our online shop of branded and designer eyewear, you'll find a huge selection of models by Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors and others. With our practical filter function, you can easily browse women's sunglasses or men's sunglasses, and get an overview of our diverse range of luxury sunglasses.


Why do I need sunglasses?

Eye Protection and a Fashion Statement All-in-One

Today, sunnies are both a fashionable and a functional accessory. High-tech lens workmanship and the highest quality materials make both prescription sunglasses and normal shades no longer just a stylish means of getting through the spring and summer.

If UV light hits the retina unfiltered, it can leave lasting damage and lead to sight problems in older age. UV-protection sunglasses will protect your eyes from these ultraviolet rays, both UVA and UVB. As well as this, tinting in sunglasses helps to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. This improves eye comfort and is important for safety, both on the road and on the ski slopes.

Of course, shades also have a place in the colder seasons, especially when snow or rainy roads can dazzle your eyes. Sun light that is low on the horizon in winter or changing light conditions when you are travelling at high-speeds can also be strenuous for the eyes. Here, tinted or polarised lenses can provide relief and at the same time protect you against harmful UV radiation. In particular, check out Oakley sunglasses or Adidas sunglasses, which both have lots of sports options, or consult our page dedicated to ski goggles(for the snow lovers out there)!

History of Sunglasses

It's no news that bright sunlight can be unpleasant or harmful to the eyes. Nevertheless, questions such as "When were sunglasses invented?" or "Who actually wore the first sunglasses?" can't be answered with one hundred percent certainty. Research shows that early indigenous peoples helped themselves with snow goggles made of bone or other materials that filtered light through a narrow slit.

According to the records of Gaius Plinius, Emperor Nero made use of an emerald when watching the battles of the gladiators in the games of ancient Rome. It then took some time before the first sunglasses as we know them came into circulation. Towards the end of the 15th century, glasses with coloured lenses began to be used to protect the eyes from the blinding sunrays. The lenses were mainly made of green or blue glass.

However, the real breakthrough of sun-protection glasses did not take place until the 18th century. Many original glasses that were created in this period, with red, green, blue and yellow lenses, have survived. Coloured lenses were used in the traditional eyeglass frames and were particularly popular in China. But in Europe, coloured glass was considered très chic to insert in a variety of frame types such as monocles, scissors glasses, lorgnettes or pince-nez.

Until the middle of the 19th century, the so-called double glasses introduced to the market by the Englishman John Richardson in 1797 enjoyed undeniable popularity. It was a simple concept: green protective lenses could be folded down in front of the normal lenses.

It wasn't until the discovery of ultraviolet rays and their harmful properties in the early 20th century that sunglasses started to become mainstream accessories.

The Swiss ophthalmologist Alfred Vogt also made great progress by drawing attention to the harmfulness of ultraviolet light in his studies. Thanks to this, polarized sunglasses filters were introduced for the first time shortly before World War II, in order to prevent damage to the choroid, retina and the lens of the eye.

The next breakthrough was made by the Polaroid company with their polarizing filter in the 1960s and more than a decade later, the Japanese company Ito Optical that produced polarizing lenses from Polymer CR39. In 1986, there was another revolution in the field when Rodenstock created the first coloured artificial glass.

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the industry recognized the potential for sunglasses to be a mass-produced product for a broad audience. The company Schott was at the forefront. But companies Bausch & Lomb, who had already produced their first protective lenses series in 1930, and Zeiss recognized the signs of the times and did not wait around for the competition.

What style sunglasses are available?

Today the market has developed so that there are thousands of different shapes and styles to suit every taste. We offer a wide variety of the most popular branded sunglasses, with styles and frame shapes to suit any gender.

Classic frame sunglasses: classic sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Clubmaster or the Ray-Ban Aviator are available in a variety of colours and lens colours, usually with a tint of 85 percent in green, grey or brown.

Polarized sunglasses: dazzling light reflections can occur in different situations, such as when driving on a wet road or practising water- or winter-sports. In contrast to classic lenses, polarized lenses reduce glare and light reflected off shiny surfaces. With polarization filters, the reflected light is absorbed and helps you to see more clearly, whether the sun is low or it’s snowing. Select his option from the filter on the left to see only polarised sunglasses.

Photochromic sunglasses: also known as photochromatic sunglasses, these are self-tinting lenses, which darken depending on the proportion of UV rays and the respective temperature outside. Indoors, the lenses are transparent but outside in sunshine they will automatically darken. This means you can wear your glasses comfortably all day long, without having to switch between shades and normal glasses. And of course, these sunglasses also include prescription lenses. Simply browse our normal glasses range here then add custom photochromatic lenses by clicking on the button “order with prescription”. If you have any questions, we are happy to help via phone or email.

Mirrored sunglasses: Mirrored sunglasses offer complete privacy, as they are completely opaque from the outside. The inside, on the other hand, is just as anti-reflective as other glasses. Although preferred in winter sports, they are also gaining more and more popularity in everyday life because of their unique, mysterious look and alluring colours. Select this option from the filter on the left to view only sunglasses with mirrored lenses.

Buying Sunglasses with Prescription Online

Here at Edel-Optics, we want to make the process of buying sunglasses with prescription online as easy as possible. In order to equip your new sunglasses with lenses in your own prescription, your chosen frame should not be too strongly curved, should be made of a material suitable for glazing and be of an appropriate size. Some frames are only suitable for glasses up to certain values. Simply select the “prescription lenses” option from the filter on the left to find your perfect pair!

Of course, prescription sunglasses also offer optimum UV 400 protection against ultraviolet radiation. If your favourite pair is available with prescription, you will find another order button "Order with prescription" under the "Add to cart" button. This will automatically take you to our master digital optician, who will help you pick suitable lenses in the right size.

Usually we can glaze your sunglasses with prescription values keeping the original tint and gradient of the lenses. You can also optionally use branded lenses, e.g. from Hoya or Seiko. The major eyewear brands even offer their own prescription lenses, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses with prescription and Oakley sunglasses with original brand lenses in your prescription.

If you can't decide between different lenses, choose sunglasses with interchangeable lenses or sunglasses with clip-ons. This way you remain flexible, without any loss in terms of sunglasses quality or sunglasses design.

Spoilt for choice - which sunglasses tint is best?

In general, tinted or coloured sunglasses massively help you to see in difficult light conditions by filtering glare and improving contrast in colours. Different colours are also suited to different weather conditions.

Brown, green and grey are the most multi-purpose colours because they guarantee high colour fidelity and distort perception the least compared to other tints, making them particularly suitable for everyday life, holidays and the beach as well as weekend trips to sunny cities.

For sports people, who mainly need eye protection for the great outdoors, shades of orange or red are particularly suitable. Especially when you are cycling in the forest, tinted lenses can soften the contrast between shadows and highlights and make it easier to see.

Yellow lenses are celebrating a revival, especially in 2020, and are not only stylish but also improve vision in low light on foggy or cloudy days. However, yellow is not recommended in bright daylight because the lenses don't filter out UV radiation as well as other tints.

For filtering UV rays, blue light is particularly good. This tint gives everything a colder appearance and increases contrast. It's only when driving that you should avoid blue-tinted lenses, as orange coloured lights become harder to see. So, if you’re a passionate motorist, go for a lens without colour distortion such as black or brown.

Aside from being functional, tinted lenses are a great way of giving your outfit a colourful touch. And, of course, when it comes to fashion, it's your own taste that matters most. Both budget and designer sunglasses can be like the icing on the cake of a stylish outfit and, especially with a colourful tint, can make a strong fashion statement. Whether you prefer a square, cat-eye or oversized frame, it’s up to you!


Which sunglasses suit me?

Watch the Video and 3D Virtual Try On Sunglasses Online

You have trendy outfits for every season, but the most important accessory is still missing: the matching sunnies. So you might be asking yourself, which sunglasses suit me best? And how do I buy sunglasses online?

First, start by learning about your face shape to get an idea of which frames typically suit which shape face. Our Master of Glasses, Phil, will gladly explain to you which models go with which face shape in our tutorial on this topic.

Heart-shaped face: Cat-Eye sunglasses such as the Tom Ford Anoushka FT0371 or Butterfly sunglasses like Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh RB4098 are among the top selling women's sunglasses for this shape face. Round sunglasses or oval sunglasses are also popular for this shape face. Avoid frames with wide or striking temples.

Round face: For round faces, square sunglasses and discreet frames such as the Porsche Design P8478 or various models by Guess are recommended, as they make the face look narrower.

Angular face: Round sunglasses and oval frames to give the face a softer touch. Look out for subtle colours in our large selection of men's and women's sunglasses to complete the look with a touch of elegance.

Oval face: There is no rule of thumb for oval faces, because any shape of glasses can suit you. Just make sure that the designer sunglasses fit you and your personality in terms of colour and shape. Choosing the correct size or lens width of the frame is also very important, and not least when you are buying online. So how do I measure which size sunglasses I need? And how should sunglasses fit? The "Master of Glasses" also has a little help for this: Ascertaining the right size The ultimate test for the right pair depends how they look on! Most of our models can be tried on virtually with our virtual 3D online try-on, so you can get a first, exclusive impression of how your sunglasses look on you. All you need is a webcam or phone camera and by clicking on the “Online Fitting” button next to the product image, the glasses will be projected on top of your image. Alternatively, you are free to use our free return service to try on your sunglasses at home. Only eyewear with custom prescription lenses is excluded from free returns. If you are an extrovert person who likes to stand out, then opt for glasses and frames in bright colours. If you value being reserved, discreet sunnies are usually more suitable. If you want to stand out, then our range of sunglasses provides striking contrasts. In the end, when it comes to fashion: everything depends on your own personal preferences!

What We Offer

Since everyone has a unique face shape, you should always try on several models before making a decision. Thanks to the online try on you can do everything from the comfort of your own couch. Also using the appropriate filter settings such as the subcategories brand, size or sunglasses to measure, colour or rimless, half rim or full rim will help you to find your ideal glasses. Our blog will give you fashion inspiration and clear up all your remaining questions.

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us and we are very happy to help with all questions arising during the purchase. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support via the local telephone number or social media. If you have a last-minute "sunglasses emergency" and absolutely need the right accessory for the beach party at the weekend, in addition to free shipping via standard shipping, you can also have your order delivered to your home via express shipping and have your new shades in your hands the very next day.

Should you happen to not like your shades when they arrive, you can send them back free of charge with our free returns within 30 days system. Only individually manufactured lenses with prescription cannot be reimbursed, unless there are technical defects. Besides the usual payment methods, we also offer you a convenient way to order sunglasses on account.

About Us

If you want to buy sunglasses online cheaply and not only save money in the long term with free shipping, you have come to the right place. As eyewear specialists for fashion-conscious clientele with the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN", we offer the highest quality eyewear at top value-for-money prices. Based in Germany, we are a sunglasses online shop shipping internationally with extremely fast delivery in the UK. We offer authentic designer sunglasses as well as exclusive models designed by us in collaboration with well-known personalities. With each pair of sunglasses that you order, you will also receive the corresponding case and lens wipe. In addition to our already low prices, you can get discounted sunglasses in the sunglasses sale area of our online shop from our entire product range.

Take a look around online now or check out our in-house collaborations with Sylvie Meis, Dieter Bohlen or Jérôme Boateng to get a taste of the extraordinary world of Edel-Optics!